10 Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Rank On Google And Earn 100$ Per Day

10 Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Rank On Google And Earn 100$ Per Day

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss 10 micro niche blog ideas for your micro niche blog. I have collected these ideas from different blogs and my past experiences. You can create a blog based on this micro niches blog ideas or you can find more creative ideas from this.

but one thing I want to say is there are lots of website making money from these micro niche blog ideas, but the only one thing that matters here how unique your content is, how you used your focus keyword in whole website and posts because at the end content is the king.

Here is the list of 10 micro niche blog ideas:

1. Micro Niche Blog Related To Latest Web Series:

If you come across the internet you find that after the arrival of Jio most of the people started to watch web series on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms.

But you can see this in different ways that how this can help you for a micro niche blog, so you have to do that choose a platform, it may be Netflix, YouTube or any other and start to write posts on their web series, their characters, current season or upcoming seasons.

It will be a great micro niche blog ideas for a good start. This will also give you a good income from AdSense. You can also affiliate some related product on your blog.

2. Browser Extensions:

Browser extensions are small tools that you can install on your browser to increase your productivity. You can start a micro niche blog on the browser extension.

You all know about “chrome extension” this keyword has a massive search volume of 823000 per month. SimilerWeb is a browser extension which shows traffic details of a website which you visit, you will wonder to know that “similarweb alternative” is a related keyword of same browser extension has CPC of $4.61 whereas “semrush competitors” has CPC of $10.58.

micro niche blog ideas
micro niche blog ideas

There are too many browsers and too many extension, so choose one browser and start your micro niche blog.

I will suggest here to choose Google Chrome or Firefox for micro niche blog because they have lots of browser extension and some of them are quite famous.

3. Related To Any Upcoming Phone:

There are lots of phones launched every month, so this will also be a great micro blog niche idea to work on.

At this time Mi Note 6 Pro is just launched and it is in trending but in this case, we can work on Mi Note 7 Pro.

Definitely, the company will launch this also so you write on Mi note 7 Pro that will be about its upcoming features, price when this will be launched in India, comparison with other phones.

4. Any Specific Tool Or Instrument:

In this micro niche, you can choose an instrument let it would be some type of painting instruments or any type of woodcutter instruments and write posts related to it.

You can also affiliate these products as well as you can put ads too on your micro niche blog.

5. Trending App, Game Or Software:

Choose any trending app, game or software and start to work for your micro niche blog. Posts may be related to how you can download it, costs, system requirements, features.

For example, PUBG is a trending topic for now and already bloggers are working on it, but if you choose something unique from it that will be tips and tricks related to PUBG, places where you find weapons in PUBg, features of weapons in PUBG and so on.

If you choose any app from Google Play Store like Youtube video downloader app or video editing app or something unique then this will also work.

6. Customer Service Related Or May Be Focused On E-commerce Website:

There are lots of online companies around the internet who provides different types of services to their customers. You can create a micro niche blog and write a post related to any one company or related companies.

It would be some e-commerce company or online travel agencies. Your post may be related to their customer care service, their products, their offers and so on.

7. Any Famous Celebrity Or Politician:

You can also create a micro niche blog on this topic. For this, you have to choose one famous person may be actor/ actress or any politician, do some research about his lifestyle, where he/she travels and start to write posts related to him.

Write at least 20-25 long articles with proper keywords and proper research. Definitely, these micro niche blog ideas will help you to get good traffic.

8. Micro Niche Related To A Writer:

Here you can create a micro niche for any famous writer. In this blog, you can write posts related to his novels, summary, character of the novel.

Let us suppose if you choose Chetan Bhagat as a micro niche for your blog, then your post may be related to his novels like “Half girlfriend”, “2 States” and many more.

I am just taking this as an example but there are a lot of writers and lots of novels, so do some research and get to back to work.

9. Diseases and its cures:

This may be also a good micro niche if you have a little bit of knowledge of biology. You have to do some research on one disease its cures and medicines and start to write posts related to this.

10. Electronic Product:

Choose one subcategory from any E-commerce website to create a micro niche blog related to electronics product.

In this micro niche blog, you can write posts related to any one type of electronic product suppose if you choose memory card as your micro niche idea then you can write reviews on memory cards of different companies, comparisons and prices.

You can earn money from this website from two ways one is from Adsense and second is from affiliate products.

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