How To Get .COM Domain In 1$ maxboa

How To Get .COM Domain In 1$

To start a website you need two important things i.e domain and hosting. If you are purchasing both for the first time you need nearly about to spend about 3000 Indian rupees or 42 USD for basic plans. But If I say that you can get a free .com domain for 1$ one year for which is nearly about to free then this is not a bad deal.

In this post, I going to share the method that how you can get a .com domain in 1$ for one year.

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.COM Domain In 1$

There is a website called providing .com domain for 1 year in 1$ or 71 Indian rupees as their welcome offer. As a new customer, you can start your website or blog after purchasing a .COM – the world’s most popular extension – at ₹71 for one year.

.COM Domain In 1$ maxboa
.COM Domain In 1$ maxboa

How To Get .COM Domain In 1$

First Open a search for your domain on the homepage. If the .com of your domain is available then click on the click on the domain to book your domain.

Now create your account an go for payment section to pay for your domain. There are only two options available for payment one is a credit card and second is bitcoin.

Choose for credit card option and there are only two cards supported Visa and MasterCard. Choose your option and proceed for payment. After a few minutes if payment was successful your domain was registered and ready to use in a new website or blog.

This is the full video of the process to get a .com domain in 1$.

Why .COM Domain

.com domains are the commercial and most popular extension to use for any website or blog. Adsense approval is to get a .com domain if the content is good.

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