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How To Link Your Domain To Hosting | Complete Domain Setup Guide

After purchasing a new domain you have to set up your domain in your hosting to create a stunning website, whether it is on WordPress, Blogger or on any CMS(Content Management System).

Domain setup is not a big thing and there is not any hard and fast rule to set up your domain only if you did this before.

But don’t worry in this guide I am going to discuss how you can link your domain to your hosting as well as in Blogger in a detailed way.

Link Your Domain To Your Hosting

In this tutorial, I am going to set up one of my domains which I have registered from Godaddy that I will link with Namecheap hosting, no matter if you have purchased your domain and hosting from other companies, steps are nearly same for all.

But again if you still facing issues in your domain setup, you can ask in our Facebook Group. Now come to the topic, the first login to your Godaddy account and to the GoDaddy domain manager or directly open manage domains from quick links.

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Now click on your domain which you want to set up to your hosting.

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In the next screen go to Additional>Manage DNS. Here you have to put nameservers of your hosting, in my case I am using Namecheap nameservers which are 

You can find your nameservers in your hosting or you can contact your hosting customer care for nameservers.

Now in the nameserver area click on change and select custom from the drop-down menu. Now copy n paste nameservers in blank areas.

nameservser godaddy maxboa

Now wait for 2-3 hours to set up and all set, it’s ready to work.

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Domain Setup In Blogger

Now it’s time to domain setup in Blogger. Open your Blogger account, if you created a blog for your blog then it’s ok if not then click on create a new blog.

Now open Settings and in Publishing area click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog.

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Now enter your domain name in the blank space and click on save. Now it’s said to update DNS settings of your domain so that it can point to your blog.

new domain domain setup blogger maxboa
dns blogger maxboa

Open DNS settings in your domain account and change these two CNAMEs as shown in the above image.

dns godaddy maxboa

Now it’s done you have set up your domain in Blogger as well as in your hosting. If you are still facing problems in your domain setup you ask in our Facebook Group.

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