How to Use Quora as a Free Traffic Source for Your Blog

If you are reading this article then I am sure that you are also not getting that amount of traffic that you want to your blog or website.

No matter how quality content your website have, but still no one reads your post.

If you merely wished to get a lot of visitors to your website, you could run around placing banner ads, but it requires some investment but doesn’t worry I am not telling you to do this.

To put it differently, you might be getting non-targeted traffic that is pretty much useless. If you really need to drive big-time visitors to your blog, keywords and SEO need to be part of your strategy.

That’s the one thing but I am also not going to tell you this to do for now.

There are a lot of ways to acquire totally free traffic and paid traffic.

How it will be if you are getting a good amount of visitors after a few months of creating a new blog without doing any SEO or creating Backlinks.

And if I say this is neither a one time traffic nor this is for some instance of time, but it comes as long as your website exists.

It’s pretty nice…I think.

Have you ever heard about Referral traffic? No problem if it is very new to you. According to Google, the main type of traffic sources are Organic search, Social, Direct, Referral, Email, Other, Paid Search.

Referral traffic is traffic comes from other websites by clicking links of your website that is placed there.

Referral traffic is valuable since it sends prospects to your site from high authority domains which offer additional search engine optimization benefits.

So let’s get into it.

What is Quora?

It’s difficult to get high traffic to your site.

It is critical to bringing quality traffic back to your website. If you’re attempting to have excellent traffic, Quora is among the finest free traffic sources.


Quora is a Q&A site that provides a free platform for the users to provide answers to the questions posted by users itself.

There is admittedly that Quora is among the most important sites nowadays to generate relevant traffic.

  • Dominating with Quora is among the best methods to develop an authority in your industry and raise your site traffic.
  • The very first actual step to using Quora for driving traffic is to find the appropriate questions to reply.
  • Discover content ideas Quora is an outstanding place to locate new content ideas.

As you can drive a substantial quantity of visitors to your website (thousands a month) from quora, you will be hard-pressed to ever generate truly huge sums of traffic.

For example, I have searched for what is dropshipping business Quora in Google and look what I found. This is one of the search results,

It is hard to believe that this answer is posted in 2016 but still this is ranking on Google. The person who posted the answer has also added a link of his website.


Since then he getting traffic from his one answer, it is nearly about 11k.

You can think if you post one answer a day with your links then how much amount of free and quality traffic comes to your website

Steps to Drive Free High-Quality Traffic to Your Website with Quora

Step 1:

First, create an account on and complete your profile with all the necessary details and complete your Quora profile.

  • New writers on Quora often don’t take some time to complete their profile completely and uncomplete profile prevents peoples to follow you.
  • Complete your profile as much as possible and fill your BIO and description with catchy details.
  • Your BIO describes how knowledgeable you are related to the topics you are answering.

There is a list of “Knows about” topic, fill it with the topics you are interested in or you have knowledge about.

Now follow some topics related to your niche or topic of your website, so that Quora can show questions related to your interests.


Step 2:

Now you are in the feed section, in the left side you see all topics you followed earlier and in the center, Quora shows question by itself or related to your previously answered questions.


Click on the question that you are interested to answer from the feed section.

Now click on the Answer tab just below the question to write the answer to the question.


Now write a quality answer and add links as references that will make some sense so that readers come to your website for more information.

Step 3:

Now let’s dive into it.

You have created an account in Quora and learn how to use it now we are going to use it as a free traffic source.

Suppose you have written a post in best Adsense alternative. Now search for best Adsense alternative Quora in Google,


Go to every result, one by one and write a post some quality answers, but keep in mind don’t copy and paste results to every answer.

Do this for every post you write on your blog or related keywords of your website.

Drive High-Quality Traffic To Your Website with Quora

Utilizing Quora takes a long time before you’ll get visitors to your blog or website but when you do this it starts to drive long term free traffic.

As you begin answering questions, you also begin getting similar question suggestions from Quora, in addition to requests for answers from different users.

Then, the only point to do is to maintain the superior work try to answer questions as frequently as possible, and utilize different blog posts that you need to advertise.

Spread the word about your blog and it’ll certainly entice readers. Undoubtedly the best method to make sure that readers might want to come back to your blog is to make compelling and engaging content.

Any readers who visit your website will just bounce out immediately and that is going to result in an ugly traffic report.

Everybody who reads your answer will be wanting to know more regarding the user supporting the answer that has gone viral.

To offer more insights or offer solutions through your goods and services readily available on your site and just include links that are helpful to your audience.

  • Your Quora answer needs to be optimized for folks that are reading it on the go.
  • Keep learning so that you can share what you know and earn traffic in exchange.
  • You should compose helpful answers that seek to assist men and women in the community and include links to your site.
  • Look around the net for existing websites where people are already discussing the topic linked to your blog.

You have to be active to create traffic. To make certain you get traffic from all of the time spent answering questions.

The only type of traffic that truly matters for your website is targeted traffic from those in your intended audience.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Drive High-Quality Traffic to Your Website with Quora

Quora Traffic Strategy 2019

Don’t leave your profile unfinished and BIO unclear to topics. You can get some idea from top profiles in Quora Dushka Zapata, Habib Fanny, Syed Balkhi.

After you’re getting a good quantity of visitors to your site, you can optimize your content and pages dependent on the behavior patterns of your intended audience but don’t think it’s all done.

It’s an ongoing process so work continuously to build your domain authority.

Knowing ways to get visitors to your website is step one. One of the easiest ways is to use the search bar at the peak of the site.

One other important thing you ought to keep in mind while placing links to your site or blog is to avoid being aggressive with your pitch.


Driving traffic to your site is difficult. If you would like to truly increase website traffic, first you need to make certain your site content is optimized. and put some value to the community.

Before you commence growing your site traffic, you want to understand your present traffic stats.

Though website traffic isn’t the end goal, it’s one of the significant wheels of your vehicle to attain your target.

If you find this article helpful to you then share this to your social platforms so that others can also boost their traffic and this will also help me too.

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