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How To Create A Micro Niche Blog Or Website To Earn More Money

In the current situation where blogging is accepted as a career and the competition is continuously increasing, it is hard to achieve financial stability from blogging.

But in this post, I am going to talk about micro niche blogging which helps you to earn a good amount of money with the minimum efforts.

In this post, I am going to discuss what is microniche, how you can create a micro niche blog and how can you earn money from it.

What are the micro-niche website or blog:

Micro-niche is a type of website that is especially focused on a single niche or topic or we can say that targeted to a subtopic of a topic.

let me explain, you all know about Amazon website here choose a category tv, appliances, electronics.

it is a topic, niche or a category but if choose a subcategory “Speakers” from this topic and create a website related to speakers then it becomes a micro niche website.

You can create affiliates links of speakers on your speakers, you can review different types of speakers whatever you can do it totally depends on you, but the main purpose of the micro-niche website is to target those specific people that are dedicated to search for a specific topic.

How to create a microniche blog:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to find a micro-niche. For that, you can read various technology blog, keep eye on latest pc or android games apps, browse different websites.
  2. After finding the same you should buy a domain name related to your topic and make sure that the keyword of your micro-niche should contain in your domain too because that helps a lot for on-page SEO.
  3. There is a lot more confusion to choose which platform is best for these type blogs, whether it is a blogger or WordPress.
  4. To sort out this I want to say if you are going to work in a short time topic then you should use blogger but if you are planning for long-term no doubt you should choose WordPress.
  5. If you are choosing WordPress then hosting matters a lot because these types of the website start to get a good amount of visitors after sometimes so you have to choose your hosting properly that will manage traffic with ease.
  6. Writing a post is also a challenge for a micro niche website, so find some long-tail keywords related to your main keyword and use these keywords in all your post and write a post with minimum 500-600 words.
  7. Continuity is one of the biggest hacks for any blog so maintain the content flow and publish posts on a regular basis.

How to make money from a micro-niche blog:

There are various method to earn but the most important way of earning is Google Adsense. All things depend on CPC. You can also affiliate some product related to your niche.

If you choose any subcategory from electronics then it will be a big advantage for you. You can sell these products with your affiliate links for a good amount of money.

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