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How To Fix cPanel Error “Ip Address Has Changed!”

From past some days I am facing a cPanel error. Whenever I am going to logging in my cPanel it shows an error  “Your IP address has changed. Please log in again.”, and after login again it log out automatically and again this error comes on the screen.

I hope some of you have also faced this cPanel error. Soin this post I am going to discuss how to fix this cPanel error with these simple steps.


You have to download a browser called Tor Browser. This error comes because your IP address is continuously changing and Tor Browser changes your IP address to static from dynamic. Click here to download Tor Browser.

cPanel Error

After clicking the above link download Tor Browser according to your PC specifications.


After downloading Tor Browser install it in your Pc and you come to the screen like this.

cPanel Error

Click on the “Connect” button and let the browser setup all things for you.

cPanel Error

Now Open cPanel it doesn’t show any type of error.

How To Uninstall Tor Browser:

Additionally, if you want to uninstall Tor Browser from your Pc just click on the Tor Browser icon from your desktop.

cPanel Error

Click on the “Open File Location” tab.

cPanel Error

Go back and delete all these two options.

cPanel Error

All done now you have uninstalled Tor Browser completely from your PC.

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