How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free: Simple Steps For New Blog

Increase Blog Traffic:

Do you want to earn money by writing blogs and articles? Just writing the blog and publish it is the first part of the blogging equation; the second part is to promote your content and increase blog traffic so that it gets noticed that it is worth it.

There is a lot of hard work and effective strategies required to promote your blog traffic and to achieve your goals.

Strategic content is the base of your blog. To increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is to create and publish better content.

The following are some most effective ticks which can help you to get an enduring extension for your blog traffic if implemented.

Do some research before writing a new post:

  • Keyword Research is necessary for many reasons before creating content. By learning this keyword and phrase are the most popular for beginners, you will help to understand your niche better.
  • See what your competitors are doing – closely monitor the website of your competitor(s) and note what kind of posts they are publishing. Your goals are not to copy them but to get some ideas to focus your efforts.
  • Apply a “three-circle strategy” to choose a topic/niche. Simply draw three circles, in the first circle, write down everything you know about all the topics.
  • In the second circle, note down everything about your interest that you want to write for and in the last, third circle pick one subject from the above two circles.

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Put some efforts in writing a new article:

  • Write the best headlines that you can possibly do with a brilliant introduction that compels readers.
  • Craft titles that you can increase blog traffic and ranking.
  • Add multimedia to your articles to access your blog. Video, infographics, podcasts, and SlideShare presentations are sometimes preferred over learning in text format.
  • Optimize for search engines like WordPress SEO using: To help your SEO, write the sub-title with the keyword in the post. Improve your blog search engine-friendly content by including keywords in images.

Promote your post on social media:

  • Make a big following on social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google+, Linkedin, etc. and automate content sharing on these sites (you can ask somebody else to do so in case you don’t want to do own).
  • Link to your blog on social networking sites in your profile to get more views and share your post on Facebook/Instagram (with its link).
  • Make it easy for people to share your content on their social sites to get more traffic.
  • Make social sharing easier a recent study found that using the social sharing button on posts is 7 times more than that.
  • Link to your blog from your YouTube videos and channels also.
  • Go to the visions: Because the human brain craves visuals. It was identified; the attention of humans is less than the goldfish (9 seconds).
  • The proof is in wildly popular visual platforms such as Facebook Timeline, Instagram and Pinterest. If the visual, such as mem, video, infographics, comics, etc. can help keep you focused, why not give them?
  • Do not publish content only but promote it. Your ‘work’ does not end until you press the publish button.
  • Create your referral campaign: After this, you are going to hand over Birchfield, or any other referral marketing tool. (Disclaimer: Birchfield is a free referral marketing tool that I have made)
  • Have a Facebook ad that brings traffic to your blog (free premium content may be offered).

Engage your readers to your blog:

  • Publish new articles regularly (at least once a week). Pick a topic that attracts traffic, if your subject is dull, nobody will show interest in it. BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and Feedly are the monitoring tools where you can search what’s in demand.
  • Make your blog easy to read (this will keep your audience loyal and bring them back to your sites).
  • Provide incentives to subscribe to your blog by giving people free eBooks in exchange for their email address and name.

Increase blog traffic in 2019:

Things to do after publishing a new post:

  • Do some guest blogging on your blog: Guest posting is considered by many as a “safe” way to do link building plus it is a great way to promote your brand (either personal or professional).
  • Reply to comments on your blog post, engage in with your readers and Create and publish great content. Add drama to your work Spice things up by saying a story or starting with a metaphor.
  • Visme, Canva, and Vine are some of the tools that start in minutes.
  • Join bloggers who have a strong following and send you traffic Monitor Backlink is a clean tool for SEO and web marketers.
  • Content syndication to get more people to read your blog post, syndicate one of my most favorite ways to a much larger audience than you. By syndicating your content, you are allowing large publications to publish your content on your website.

How to increase blog traffic fast:

If you are long enough in blogging and read this article properly, you would know by now that getting traffic to a website is not a onetime process, but it is something that needs a lot of patience and hard work.

The bottom line is getting new traffic looks like a lot of work, but it’s worth every minute. And with the above suggestions, you can promote traffic in 30 minutes or less.

After all, the more you do these techniques, the more confidence you will build. Writing epic posts is no longer enough – you want them to read the right audience too.

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