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What Are Popads? How To Make Money With Popads From Blog In 2019?

In 2019 Popads are still profitable? How can you use Popads as a Google Adsense alternative and how can you use Popads in your blog or website to create money. All these questions are now going to be answered in this post,

This is a detailed review of Popads which will help you decide the good and bad both sides of Popads along with this will helps you to setup Popads in your blog or website.

So read the post and if anything left then drop your question in the comment box.

What Are Popads?

You have probably seen that whenever you open a movie or song downloading website or any gambling website and if you clicked on any link then a popunder occurs which will display the advertiser website these ads are Pop ads.

These ads are pops out whenever someone visits or clicks on the website which has Pop ads scripts.

Popads revenue model is based on RTB(Real-Time Bidding) means it is working on an impression basis. It is one of the best options for beginners.

How Popads Are effective?

For Publisher:

  • Suitable for any type of website category(adult, gambling, file sharing, content downloading).
  • Quick and easy website approval and fastest paying network.
  • Best choice for beginners.
  • Compatible with other pop ads networks.

For Advertiser:

  • Advertisers can bid on this traffic through a self-serve RTB.
  • It allows the advertisers to choose how much they want to pay for each popunder.
  • Easy campaign approval within 24 hours.
  • Easy refund of unspent funds.

Popads.net Review

There are many companies that provide pop ads services for your website some for them are Popads.net, RevenueHits.com, PopCash.net.

But if you asked me the best among them I will definitely suggest you Popads.net.

I have listed some reasons to choose Popads.net.

  • Popads.net is one of the oldest and most popular ad networks in this industry running since 2010.
  • It approves the website for showing popads even in low traffic.
  • It offers the highest CPV(Cost Per View) rates which can be as high as $6 per 1000 ad views.
  • It offers ads for both mainstream content websites as well as for adult websites.

How To Apply For Popads.net?

Things required for applying for Popads.net are one website of any category with the 2-5 post and That’s all. Now you need to create an account on Popads.net.

Click on this link this will leads you to a page which will ask you to enter your details.

Popads New Account Registration
Popads New Account Registration

After entering all the required details click on register. Now you have been registered for Pop ads account. Pop ads dashboard will open in the next window.

Now click on New Website. Here you can add all websites for Pop ads approval.

Popads Dashboard
Popads Dashboard

Now enter your site name, site URL, description of your website, category of your website and leave all settings as it is and click on Add Website.

Popads Website Approval
Popads Website Approval

It will take 2-3 days to approve your website after that you can add Pop ads codes to your website.

Approved Websites
Approved Websites

How To Add Popads Code To WordPress Or Blogger?

Go to your pop ads dashboard and click on Code Generator.

Pop ads Generate Codes
Pop ads Generate Codes

Here select your website and click in Generate Codes. It will generate codes for your website, copy that codes.

For WordPress go to your admin panel and then Appearance>Editor. Here find your header.php file and paste copied codes anywhere in between <head></head> tag.

That’s all now wait for 2-3 minutes to set up codes for your website, and it starts showing pop ads on the website.

For Blogger go to Themes>Edit HTML and paste codes in between <head></head> tag.

How Much Pop ads Pay?

There is no limitation of earning of pop ads earnings. That is one thing but it all depends upon traffic coming on your website. It varies from website to website.

You can withdraw as low as $5.00 in PayPal and $500 from the wire transfer.

Can I Use Pop ads With Adsense?

Google has changed its ad policies, according to their new policies Google Adsense will stop showing ads to pages that are used to show pop ads and popunder ads.

In simple words, you can not use any pop ads network with Google Adsense on your website. You can also read ad placement policies of Google AdSense that will help you to sort your all problems related to it.


At last choosing, the right pop ad network can definitely improve website revenue to the highest. According to my, pop ads can be a reliable ad network to maximize the earnings but it doesn’t give a pleasant experience to visitors.

One or two ads are not so irritating but ads in every click are annoying to the user and become the reason for leaving your site and makes your site useless.

For the rest of your question, there is an FAQ page of Pop ads for all related questions.

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