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What Is AdSense RPM? 5 Simple Ways To Increase Page RPM

If you have a blog like MaxBoa and if you earn money from your blog through Google AdSense, then you are definitely concern about your earning.

In this post, we are going to discuss AdSense RPM. Which is one of the major factors to affect your AdSense earning.

We will also discuss why your AdSense RPM is low and here are some tips that will help you to understand how you can increase your AdSense RPM.

What Is RPM In Adsense?

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To understand AdSense RPM you have to understand three main terms i.e page views, impressions, and CPC. Most of you are aware of the page views. If someone opens your website or your page then it counts as a page view.

And if there are 100 page views on your website and ads were displayed 50 times then your impressions will be 50 over 100 pages views.

CPC(Cost Per Click) means how much Google pays in one click. Suppose if your CPC is 1$ then in every click you will get 1$.

Now come to the topic, what is RPM(Revenue Per Mile). There is a certain definition of Adsense RPM as defined by Google.

According to Google if you divide your estimated earnings by the total number of the page views you received and then multiply it by 1000, now the result is your page RPM.

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Why Your Adsense RPM Is Too Low?

Let’s have a look at some possible reasons for your low AdSense RPM:

Traffic Targeting

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  • Your majority of traffic comes from developing countries or from low CPC countries. Try to focus to get traffic from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada to increase your page RPM.
  • Sometimes your content is only for a specific country but in spite of that the majority of visitors come from another country and for them this is useless.
  • Due to wrong targeting, irrelevant ads are displayed to visitors that lead to low page RPM.

Website Optimization

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  • If your website or blog is not properly optimized for your niche or content then it is also a matter of concern. Understand this by supposing your website or blog is related to the tech niche and you are using a theme that is made for a beauty and health blog.
  • You may find it works for your blog but in the end, it is made for another type of blog and its widgets are also optimized for them.
  • Always use or at least try to use themes related to your niche.
  • Use compressed images in your blog to decrease the size of your blog. If you check any image available in MaxBoa you will find it of low sizes because all images used in this website are optimized by the Sumsh plugin.
  • Try to use fewer plugins in your WordPress site.

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Widget Placement

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  • One of the reasons for your low page RPM is your widget and AD placement in your blog.
  • If you placed your ads that are not visible to visitors or they find it irrelevant to them then it also badly affect the RPM.

Tips To Increase Your AdSense RPM

Now it’s time to solve the problem of low page RPM, so here are some simple tips to increase your AdSense RPM as well as this help you to increase your CPC too.

  • Try to focus on getting targeted and organic traffic. Work on organic keywords related to your niche. A fresh and quality content helps you to extract the organic search engine traffic.
  • Improve your content quality, always publish articles with updated information with well-managed keywords and also with zero grammatical errors.
  • Make a list of high CPC keywords related to your category. Also, include keywords related to focus keyword and try to use them in every single paragraph.
  • Avoid placing too many Ads in between the content and website too. Because no one comes here to see your Ads. One or two ads placement is enough for a single post. So don’t place more ads then your content in your pages.
  • Remove all your SEO errors from your website. Check your SEO errors in this website
  • Try to decrease your spam score. Use spam filtering plugins like Askimet. You can read here what is Akismet Anti-Spam plugin and why you should use it.


At last, we conclude that there is not rocket science to establish a good page RPM in your blog unless or until you are aware and concern about that.

Follow these simple steps mentioned above and you will definitely start seeing changes.

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