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WordPress Vs Wix – Which Is Best To Build Your Website?

Hello friends, in this post I am going to discuss how you can decide whether you have to build your website on WordPress or Wix.

They are both extremely capable and functional website builders so deciding which one is best to build your website can actually come down to a few specific things.

WordPress vs Wix is now a day that becomes a big fight between two content management systems.

One of the questions that come in mind is how do to decide whether I have to build my website on WordPress or Wix?

Wix seems really easy to build a website on. WordPress is difficult. It’s got a lot of technical details that you need to figure out.

WordPress Vs Wix: Deciding Factors

If your website is going to be your business then it’s better to build it on WordPress whereas if your website is going to be a front for your business then I would recommend Wix.

Here’s what I mean, if your website is in itself the business, for example, if you’re building a blog or an eStore you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time over the next one year (over even more) in building your website, like creating content creating product descriptions!

WordPress is a great place to build a website which will, in turn, be your business because it gives you full control over the content and development opportunities.

Not only does it give you control it gives you ownership which means that you get to retain all the content and you can move across different hosting providers or domain names etc.

This is also really powerful if in the future you decide to sell your business. You need to give up your website as well and WordPress lets you package it all up and send it away.

On the other hand if you’re looking to just build a one or two page website I would strongly recommend Wix, for example, if you’re a lawyer or a photographer and you need a website which audiences can see and contact you, you don’t need to spend a lot of time building a WordPress website.

You can get it done quickly on a Wix website. Now it is interesting to see that who wins the Wordpress Vs Wix competition.

Wix: For Whom It Is Best?

In this case, your website is not your business is lowering or taking photos of people so that is a physical back-end business but a website serves as an online platform where people can see your work or get in touch with you. If that is the case Wix is your answer. 

Wix currently looks like the heavyweight champion among website builders. Their number of users exceeds day by day. They have more than three hundred templates that are all free.

They provide a huge choice of designs for businesses, artists, restaurants, tourism, portfolios and much more. And you just need to give an idea of how many different industries and niches your website is going to cover.

They have a dedicated template for a locksmith business as well as a dog daycare center. – WordPress Vs Wix

So there are a lot more chances are that you’ll find a template for your project among their subcategories. And even though it’s not obvious, you can also add to any design for an online store, forum or blog.

But how much does this cost? Nothing! At least for their basic version. It’ll allow you to design and publish an entire (ad-supported) website and you can access all the available features.

The paid plans will give your website a professional touch as they allow you to use a domain.

Now let’s jump into the editor for more practical examples. If you were looking for a site builder that didn’t require any technical skills, so you can give Wix a try.

wordpress vs wix

To edit something, we just click on the element. Wix suggests several options. Here, for example, we can edit the text, change the typeface resize it. If you are not happy with the look, click here on “Undo”.

A great thing about Wix is that you can easily add animations. If you want to add something click on the “Add” section and choose from their elements. What makes Wix even more versatile is its integrated App Market.

Since not every website requires the same features, you can just add what you really need. And there are hundreds of interesting apps. You can also integrate a live chat function on your website to provide personal support.

Wix websites aren’t meant for bigger projects. The navigation depth would be too limited since you can only have two levels. So if you’re planning on creating the next Wikipedia, you should reconsider your options.

So at last if you are going to create a complex website with hundreds of articles and pages instead than definitely Wix is not for you.

WordPress: An Ultimate Solution.

WordPress is something that doesn’t that needs no introduction. It’s the most popular website building platform and CMS(content management system) out there with more than a quarter of websites and simple blogs relying on.

wordpress vs wix

WordPress can be used to power a lot more than just blogs. E-commerce stores, corporates sites, photograph sites, news portals, and so on.

WordPress is available in two versions one is self-hosted and totally free wordpress.org or free but with paid add-ons and the second version is wordpress.com with paid hosting plans.

wordpress vs wix
WordPress Vs Wix

Maybe you are thinking that what is the difference between .com and .org? The short answer is: WordPress.org is what you will install on your own server, then you can customize it with themes and plugins as well as tweak it to suit your needs.

Whereas WordPress.com, on the other hand, is what you run from dot-com servers directly. You can still change the themes but the options are severely limited and there are no custom plugins to be installed.

WordPress is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. If you decide to start a blog for a long time and on a large scale then definitely WordPress is not a wrong choice.

It should be noted that WordPress is not truly free in terms of money. If you go for the self-hosted version, the software will forever remain free but you might have to pay in terms of domain name registration and web hosting.

On the other hand, wordpress.com is free for basic usage, lots of storage and features, but if you need a custom domain or anything advanced than you will have to opt for the paid plans. 

The conclusion comes with this comparison of WordPress vs Wix is both of the content management platforms are best in a different aspect and unbeatable in their own unique features.

So here you have to decide which type of website you are going to create, what is your niche or topic so that you can able to choose the platform best for you. I think that you got the answer to your WordPress Vs Wix question. 

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