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How To Share YouTube Videos On Facebook With Large Thumbnail

Whenever you share any YouTube video to Facebook it is cropped in smaller thumbnail size and definitely, it spoiled the look and feel of your Facebook post.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide any official method to share YouTube videos with large thumbnail unless you are not using any third party website.

You can clearly see here when I put a link of the video on my Facebook page it shows a large thumbnail.

large thumbnail maxboa (2)

But when I shared the post it looks very unprofessional and unexpressive.

large thumbnail maxboa

As I have already said that there is no official way that Facebook or YouTube provides to share videos with large thumbnails.

There is the only way to do this via third party websites. Some of YouTube large thumbnail generator website are:

Steps to share YouTube videos on Facebook with large thumbnail:

Step 1: Open any one URL from the above list. I have opened Yt2fb.com.

Step 2: Now copy the URL which you want to share on Facebook and paste it in the required area and click enter.

Website fetches all the date from the link and also ask to enter any custom thumbnail for the video. Now click on create link tab.

large thumbnail maxboa (1)

Step 3: After clicking on the create link tab it will generate a custom link for the video. Now you have to share that link on Facebook to get a large thumbnail of YouTube videos.

large thumbnail maxboa (4)

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